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mom son foot fetish - Horny MILF gives sons friend a footjob

Mom and daughter foot worship - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by Zhenya Avilla. My son was already in the seat. I sat down on his lap and swung my legs into the car. I looked down and noticed my dress barely covered my thighs. It rode up pretty high. My son was wearing baggy shorts and a t-shirt. I closed the car door. I was glad I was wearing this dress. I could feel the back of my bare legs on my son's bare legs.

The other night, after I detached myself from the computer downstairs, Jeff and I retired to the bedroom. We were lying in bed, recounting funny Lily, Ben and Evan stories from the day. I was trying to manipulate a foot rub out of him by pathetically caressing his leg with my toes. My feet were still sore from the three hour stint in heels and I was desperate. Jeff blatantly ignored my . Your son probably have a foot fetish. Foot fetish in itself is an innocent thing. It can be the part of natural, healthy sex life in adulthood. The problem comes if someone develops an inappropriate behavior around it.

I want him to look at feet but never touch until he's older and in a relationship. Please tell me what I'm missing. I'm afraid my son maybe turning in to a pedophile, I don't want him to get in trouble at school. What can I do to help him, he suffers from anxiety so he feels guilty and cries a lot for not being able to control this foot fetish. a week ago.. i came home to work feeling tired as usual and i sleep in the couch because we have only one room and my wife and my son are sleeping there and that night i was going to sleep and my son is still watching tv.. then i fell asleep.. i woke up 5min after and i saw my son smelling, rubbing, lightly tickling my feet[w/ my black sox on] and kinda worshiping it.. he is 13 .

Dear Annie: I need your advice. Last year, I asked my son-in-law to help with some work on my house and yard. One day, I came home from the office, kicked off . As your child grows out of the toddler phase, you will start to notice that the fascination with feet will move from simply wanting to play with them to wanting to put them in his/her mouth. This happened for my son around 6 years old. While giving my wife a foot massage one day, he started sucking on her toes.