Wife making me use condom - using condom and withdrawal


using condom and withdrawal - Wife making me use condom

"how effective is using condom with withdrawal method?" Answered by Dr. Richard Zimon: Very effective: as long as the condom is "secure" and intact! Hope thi. One investigation found that 18 percent of couples who use withdrawal for a year will get pregnant, compared to 17 percent among couples who use condoms, although Planned Parenthood puts the chances of pregnancy higher, saying that 27 out of women whose partners use withdrawal will get pregnant.

Withdrawal methods and condoms are more like barrier methods of birth control. These are helpful in preventing pregnancy but are not always the most effective. Hormonal methods such as the Pill, the Patch, shots/injections and the vaginal ring are methods that women use to prevent pregnancy in addition to condom use. DH and I ALWAYS use the pull out method ONLY and it has worked for us for 8 yrs. The 3 times he did NOT pull out I got pg (only 2 babies though) but anyway I think if you are also using a condom you should be fine for now of course abstinence is the ONLY way to guarantee no pregnancy but you should be ok - Just keep using the condoms.

Dec 21,  · Condoms also protect both you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections. The second birth control method you’re using is withdrawal, or the pull out method. The pull out method is less effective than condoms at preventing pregnancy, and it will not protect either of you from sexually transmitted infections. Dec 09,  · Using condom and withdrawal method at the same time would double the protection from pregnancy. But if you really want to be safe, use a condom and ask the girl to take some pills. There is also a natural method which is being promoted by the Catholic Church.