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The whiteness depends on how sperm you have in you when you ejaculate. So, if you masturbate/have sex less often, then it'll get whiter and creamier. Genital tract infections, especially bacterial infections, can make your semen thick. This is because they increase the number of white blood cells to .

Older men often produce thicker, richer and whiter (less clear) sperm because of the concentration of several millions of sperm cells in the seminal fluid. Therefore, if one would treat the clarity of sperms to be the same as the clarity of the semen then: 1. Clear sperm (semen) has less overall sperm count compared to white sperm. The thick cream white is called semen, in other words the urban term is cum. Is thick white discharge after intercourse normal for a female? If it's immediately after it .

In most cases: no: The inability to ejaculate (to reach a climax) can be due to a variety of causes, but in most cases, the problem is not the partner. Causes include general fatigue, too many ejaculations in the past 24 hours, anxiety about the relationship or other things, fears, increasing age, medicine side effects (such as with ssri antidepressants), diabetes and other causes of .