How to use female condom - condom use in america


condom use in america - How to use female condom

A third of U.S. men say they use condoms at least some of the time when they have sex, a new government survey shows. But just 19 percent of men reported condom use . Some million women rely on the male condom. 6 Condom use is most common (i.e., at least 25% greater than the national average of 15%) among 15–year-olds, those who report their religious affiliation as “other,” those born outside of the United States, college graduates, those who are uninsured, and those who are nulliparous or are expecting at least one (more) child.

Dec 02,  · In the s, with the advent of even thinner latex condoms that include the reservoir tip for semen collection we know today, condom sales skyrocketed and it was estimated that 42 percent of American adults used them for birth control. It was the primary form of birth control until the Pill's introduction in the 60s. Condoms, although categorized as a less effective method of pregnancy prevention (6), remain vital for STD/HIV prevention and promoting condom use is particularly important given increasing STD rates in the United States (5).

Consistent and correct use of the male latex condom reduces the risk of sexually transmitted disease (STD) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission. However, condom use cannot provide absolute protection against any STD.