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Auditory processing disorder in adults may manifest as poor listening skills, poor reading comprehension, or miscommunication that causes trouble . Auditory processing is the term used to describe what happens when the brain recognizes and interprets the sounds in one's environment. A person can hear when energy that is recognized as sound travels through the ear and is changed into electrical information. This electrical information can then be interpreted by the Help For Struggling Readers.

The Brain Fitness Program enhances an adult’s overall Auditory Processing skills. As an individual’s auditory discrimination skills improve, then auditory comprehension, auditory memory and verbal expression skills improve concurrently. Nov 03,  · Audiologists are uniquely qualified to assess auditory processing issues in adults, due to the ability to control the listening environment, control the stimulus presentation and parameters, and having an expertise in hearing and listening. Hearing can be defined as perception or detection of sound, what audiologists may define as hearing acuity.5/5().