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If you are planning on experimenting sex with the Turkish men on your next trip to Turkey maybe you would like to read this: World's 'wurst' lovers? German men are the world's worst lovers, according to a poll of 10, women travellers. They are branded selfish in . Turkish guys will feel that if a woman can be got into bed on the first or second date, she is “easy” and not worth getting into a relationship with. In Turkey it is quite common for men to have extra marital affairs and keep a mistress whereas in other cultures this could be a .

The most beautiful Turkish men are characterized by a swarthy hue of the skin, dark hair color. And most importantly that Turkish men have such passionate black eyes, which are always trying to convey enthusiasm for their favorite woman, and to women in general. In what are Turkish men . The personality traits of a gentleman, smooth talker, romantic, and extreme flirt are all wrapped together to give you the typical Turkish man. At first encounter you will be charmed, wooed, and certainly enchanted by his “going-out-of-their-way” hospitality and attention.

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