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NO ADULT BREEDERS are For Sale. Eggs are $10 each and we charge $25 shipping no matter how many eggs are in the box. Due to a limited number of hens this year it is likely I can only sell 10 eggs at a time as that is the maximum amount I will get quickly in any given week. Adult peafowl (1+ year): Give 1/2 cc injection in the leg or breast muscle. Peachicks: Give injection based on body weight of peachick in the leg or breast muscle. Corid. Corid is used to treat coccidiosis in peafowl. Mix 1 teaspoon per gallon of drinking water. Medicate birds 4 .

Look for peafowl with bright colors and feathers, clean eyes, faces, feathers, vents and feet, activeness and alertness. Age also contributes to the birds you buy. If you want to start breeding right away, choose two-year-old peahens and three-year-old peacocks. Peacocks are beautiful birds that are notable for their long, colorful feathers, and the peafowl is even the national bird of India. Members of this breed don’t start laying eggs until they are about two years old, but they are very easy to keep and raise.

I have two adult peacocks, one male and one female, the female is albino. The male is green and blue! Very beautiful and quite birds. View Details. SOLD. Browse Peacocks by State California Florida Indiana Iowa Michigan. New Jersey Ohio Pennsylvania South Dakota Texas. Virginia West Virginia Wyoming. Indian peafowl are native to India and Sri Lanka, in South Asia. They've been introduced to other countries, usually as exhibits in parks, zoos, and nature centers or as domestic pets. The head and body of adult peafowl range from 3 to 4 feet long and their tail can be 5 feet long.

The peafowl males are up to 4 feet in body length, or centimeters. The smaller females lack a long tail (train). In the males these long tail feathers can be up to ′ in length (+ centimeters). Females have a brown head ornament (noodle) while the males head ornament color is the same as its tail (blue and green). In the forest, adult peafowl can escape ground predators such as leopard, dholes, and tiger by flying into trees. Sometimes, they are also haunted by larger birds of prey like crested hawk-eagle and rock eagle-owl. In addition to peacocks, there are various types of chicken breeds that you can keep in your backyard. Because peacock is already.