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Mar 25,  · The normal, or average head circumference of a person varies by age and by gender. For an adult male, average head circumference is 22 inches. For an adult woman, it is 20 inches. An average baby head circumference is 12 inches for premature babies and 14 inches for an average-sized baby. Aug 05,  · The average head circumference of an adult male and female is and inches, respectively. However, averages vary widely depending on the age and ethnicity of the individual. Forensic anthropologists at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville have recently determined that American head size is on the rise.

these measurements show that adult head circumference is related to height. Themean head circumference of a male of average height is above the 97th centile for a 16 year old on the Tanner charts. The paediatric charts are therefore inappropriate for use in adultmales. (Arch Dis Child ;) Measurement of the occipitofrontal head cir-Cited by: