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From jigsaw puzzles to acrostics, logic puzzles to drop quotes, patchwords to wordtwist and even sudoku and crossword puzzles, we run the gamut in word puzzles, printable puzzles and logic games. Printable Logic Puzzles. Check out our free printable logic puzzles (PDF). Download and play them by yourself or give it to kids to play at home or at school. The puzzles are also available to play online.

Top 20 Puzzles For Adults #1 - Popular Age Problem Two old friends, Jack and Bill, meet after a long time. Three kids We have the best collection of riddles with various categories like logic, maths, picture, mystery and much more. So start browsing the site and get ready to test your brain with these best riddles. Search for. We reviewed the Best 10 Logic Puzzle Games that are either free or worth your money. Try coupons, promo codes & discounts to save money on Puzzle Games with AppGrooves Deals. How close are you to being a genius? Match wits against IQ tests, logic puzzles, and brain teasers of all kinds in these top rated logic puzzle games.

Zebra Puzzles. The Zebra Puzzle, also known as Einstein's Riddle, is a kind of logic game where you have to use the clues and logic deduction to solve the problems. Great puzzle game for adults in all ages Find 10 differences between two pictures Hurry up, time is running out A lot of high quality pictures and hidden differences Great theme with tasty food and beautiful rooms Long hours of fantastic play Improve your concentration and observation skills Download game Reviews:

1 player only Ambush! is the solitaire game of combat, adventure, and heroism in World War Two France. Using a ground-breaking development of the programmed paragraph solitaire system, Ambush! gives the player control of an American squad, faced with a variety of missions against an ever-changing, hidden German foe. Jul 27,  · Some of the applications that adults will enjoy playing: Angry Birds 2 MentalUP Crossy Road Paperama Draw Something Gardenscapes Geometry Dash Threes! Two Dots.