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Ai o Kou Kemono summary: Senoo Kaoru falls in love with an attractive freshman he meets at the library, Shinohara Akira. Shinohara Souya is unable to let go of the memory of his beloved. And Akira is a lonely boy starving for love. Icon Name Transliteration Service; No artists found for your query.

Price $ The minimum price of the tier/product you are requesting. ¥ is roughly $1 USD. Kemono Cafe is a furry webcomic community with a unique webcomic of its own. The members of the community can contribute characters to a world-between-worlds setting, visiting the actual Kemono Cafe in the mystical land of Fable.

Kemono (Japanese 獣, ケモノ, or けもの "beast") is a genre of Japanese art and character design that prominently features fictional anthropomorphic animal characters in human -like settings and situations. It is used widely in drawing, painting, manga, anime, and video game designs, many of which are popular in the rest of the world. BEST SELLERS See all best sellers & menu Fresh. Not Frozen. NO PORK. NO LARD. MEAT FROM HALAL CERTIFIED SOURCES. NO MSG. NO ANTIBIOTICS. NO GROWTH HORMONES.