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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale To date, it is the most widely used IQ test, and that is in part due to the ability of the test to measure cognitive aptitude in a less verbal environment. In its infancy, the test was supposed to aid in the testing of people who did not speak English natively, which made it hard for them to understand what. Assume that adults have IQ scores that are normally distributed with a mean of μ = and a standard deviation σ = Find the probability that a randomly selected adult has an IQ .

c. Find the 90 th percentile. For each problem or part of a problem, draw a new graph. Draw the boobed.xyz the area that corresponds to the 90 th percentile.. Let k = the 90 th percentile. The variable k is located on the x-axis.P(x scores into those that are the same or lower than k and those that are the . Distribution of WAIS IQ Scores. Observations. % of the population has a WAIS IQ Test score above (Very Superior). 14% of the population has a WAIS IQ Test score in the range (High Average to Superior).

Scores and Normal Distribution The characteristics of normal distribution apply to IQ scores as well. 50% of scores range from 90 to , while 70% range from 85 to 95% falls between 70 to , and % ranges from 60 to , forming a bell-shaped curve of normal distribution among the general population. IQ and Mental Retardation. Jan 28,  · The IQ scores of most people are represented in the middle of the bell, between 85 and Overall, about 98 percent of people have a score below If you’re among the 2 percent with a higher.

Q. The scoring of modern IQ is such that Intelligence Quotients (IQs) have a normal distribution of μ= and 𝞂 = Mensa International is a non-profit organization that accepts only people with IQ score within the top 2%. The Wechler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) is a common "IQ test" for adults. The distribution of WAIS scores for persons over 16 years of age is approximately Normal with mean and standard deviation Use this information to answer the following questions. a. What score places a randomly selected individual in the 95th percentile? b.