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Inguinal hernia in adults. often older females, and are more prone to strangulation. It can be difficult to differentiate between an incarcerated femoral hernia and lymphadenitis. Femoral hernia is located below the inguinal ligament, lateral and inferior to the pubic tubercle. An inguinal hernia bulge lies in the line of the inguinal. Oct 15,  · Tenderness and redness possible, often bilateral, systemic symptoms strangulation). Richter hernia, Risk factors for inguinal hernia among adults in the US population. Am J Epidemiol.

A strangulated hernia occurs when the blood supply to the herniated tissue has been cut off. This strangulated tissue can release toxins and . Jun 27,  · Adults need to have inguinal hernia repair surgery in the following situations. Hernias that contain a loop of intestine without blood supply (strangulated hernias) require emergency surgery. Hernias that contain a trapped loop of intestine (incarcerated hernias) need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid strangulation.

Search the Healthwise Knowledgebase. Help: Healthwise Index: Topic Contents. Topic Overview; Related Information; Credits; This information does not replace the advice of a docto. Inguinal hernias may become stuck, or incarcerated, meaning the contents of the hernia that bulge through the abdominal wall cannot be massaged back inside the abdominal wall. If a hernia becomes stuck outside the abdominal wall, it may become strangulated, meaning the blood flow to the hernia is cut off.

Apr 25,  · If the blood supply of the contents of the hernia is cut off, it is call "strangulated hernia." These symptoms include severe pain, vomiting, no appetite, redness or bruising around the bulge, and sometimes fevers and bloody stools. This inguinal hernia is frequently confused with a more benign condition, a communicating hydrocele. Indirect inguinal hernias – Inguinal hernias in % of children 13% of infants born inguinal hernia – Risk for inguinal hernia becoming incarcerated ↑ in early infancy % become incarcerated in premature infants Up to 15% become incarcerated in older children –.