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Aug 04,  · A primary role of education is to equip people with the knowledge to make a positive difference in society. Also, education helps instill values, attitudes and behaviors that align with those expected in a society. As technology and the culture changes, the role of education evolves. ERIC - ED - Ethics and Education for Adults in a Late Modern Society., Based on the argument that there is only one universal good and all other moral goods are cultural and relative, this book develops the position that adult education is a site within which human morality is worked out.

Contemporary Adult Education Policies and Practices in Tanzania: Are They Meeting National Challenges? Blackson Kanukisya. Thesis submitted as partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of a degree of Master of Philosophy in Comparative and International Education. Institute for Educational Research. Faculty of Education. Apr 09,  · The purpose of education in today's society is to prepare students for the challenges of life in the career world. Because of the many different paths to success that exist today, different students need different outcomes from their experiences in the educational .

Adult education in Romania, a country recently liberated from the political regime of Soviet origin, is positioned at the major redefinition time, given the need to adjust to the demands of a society which is found in an increasing dynamics, and to the expectations of the capitalist environment which the country joined in the last two D. Opriș, I. Scheau. Discuss functionalist approaches to the role of education in contemporary society This essay will look at functionalism and the approaches held within and use these approaches to explain the affect they have on the role of education in contemporary society.

A gender-based approach to adult education, fragmented by dif-ferent modalities, concepts and contexts, can and does point to a gap between the obstacles men and women face. This paper analyzes the position of women in adult education. The research results suggest different obstacles to the education of adult women, which are institu-tional, content and family-oriented. The role of adult education in contemporary American society: an analysis of the relationship between social change and the increase in participation in adult education Sullivan, Mary Jane Advisor: Jones, Donald Mary Jane Leahy Sullivan.