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Mar 16,  · Animation is an incredibly diverse art form. There are so many different techniques and methods that it’s a medium well-suited for a wide range of storytelling. While much of the animation on our site is geared towards children, we do have a collection of films intended solely for adults. Here are 5 animated films created just for grown-ups. 17 rows · Aug 22,  · This is a list of adult animated films that were made from the s onwards. These are films intended for a more adult audience than typical animated films. First Computer-Animated film in the United States to be Rated R by the MPAA, it was originally going to be NC, but it was edited several times to be rated R. CGI Seoul Station.

Adult animation, adult cartoon or mature animation, is any type of animated motion work that is catered specifically to adult interests, and is mainly targeted and marketed towards adults and adolescents, as opposed to children or all-ages audiences. Works in this medium could be considered adult for any number of reasons, which include the incorporation of explicit or .