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CDC notes that tobacco cessation has both immediate and long-term benefits for older adults and there are new techniques to help older adults quit smoking. This is important . Giving Up Smoking as an Older Adult If you have been smoking for a long time you may wonder whether it's worth trying to quit after so many years. The fact is, it's never too late to give up cigarettes. As soon as you quit, .

Although smoking prevalence was lower among older adults than younger adults (aged ), the rate of decline in smoking was slower among older adults. Among older adults, the prevalence of cessation . Scientists are still studying the long-term effects e-cigarettes may have on your health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved e-cigarettes as a quit-smoking aid. There is limited evidence that they help smokers quit. Good News About Quitting. The good news is that after you quit smoking.

Background: Older smokers are often not encouraged to quit smoking due to the erroneous idea that it is too late for such interventions. Objective: To compare smoking cessation rates among older and younger treatment seekers, and to evaluate whether age is an obstacle to smoking cessation.