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There are times in life where you need to be at your very best, make a great impression and start off in the best possible way. Meeting your new boss for dinner at her place can be considered as one of these occasions. This is the story of a supportive man, accompanying his nervous wife to dinner with her boss at her brand new job. boobed.xyz I had been looking forward to the office Christmas party for a different reason than all of my boring coworkers: I was trying to sleep with my boss and I knew the alcohol combined with an excuse for me to wear something tight was the perfect background for it to finally happen.

One night with my husband's boss and we'd be set - but at what cost? May 23, am. True confession: I slept with my husband's boss for money. Sex scandal, Sex stories. Boss Stories Refine by tag: boss love billionaire romance ceo mafia possessive assistant arrogant rich office secretary marriage badboy hot newadult chicklit drama officeromance italian.

Sex Stories. Tonight My Boss Finally Bent Me Over His Desk By Adrienne West Updated April 27, By Adrienne West Updated April 27, Working with him was just an impossibility at this point. I needed to accept that.